I have contacted many sources,including ignored request to Ethics commission sent via certified mail.
My home of 38yrs was almost pd for when 2011 tornadoes in Alabama destroyed my home. The insurance ck was 3times more than the balance of my loan. Chase Mtg fabricated evidence that I was delinquent on my payments but I had legal svc who,on my behalf stated that I had never missed a single payment. Chase claimed it was an error and would be corrected. Confident it was resolved I spent my entire life savings rebuilding. During that time Chase had illegally removed my name from the title.
The Dept of Insurance was prepared to drive 2 hours to testify of the Chase theft but by the time we arrived at the courthouse the judge had let Chase dismiss the case.
Isn’t there anyone with enough morals to hold Chase accountable???..

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I just received a request from a new service, seeking evidence of patterns of conduct by the banks, to wit: banks and servicers and trustees submitting different copies of the same promissory note while asserting that each is the original.

It is good that news services appears to be ramping up its investigative journalism, possibly in sync with the release with the deeply disturbing movies “The Big Short” and “99 Homes”.  BUT the questions they are asking may be incomplete.

Some basic issues not mentioned in the request for information are whether the original notes were intentionally destroyed at or near the time of closing and thus whether virtually all the notes produced in court are fabricated and forged by mechanical equipment readily available on the internet. [see Catherine Ann Porter study in 2007 wherein she surveyed thousands of cases only to find that, at a minimum, 40-50% of all…

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